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Little Love

I had the blessing to help babysit for a little girl for about a year and 5 months. The first day I was over she only knew how to crawl and babble, and smile every few seconds. When I saw her for the last time a month back she ran up to give me a big hug when we said goodbye and told me “I love you, Vivi”. I got to witness her go from crawling to climbing to walking and then running. I will forever cherish her and hold a very special place in my heart for her. 

I didn’t realize how fast time flew by and just how fast a young sweet soul grows. Not much can be said that perfectly represents my love for her, but the sweet photos shared with this blog at least share a small part. A part about growth within the same environment. Behind the picture, it's an environment of love, patience, innocence, and so much more. With every week there was always something new to her presence. Whether she learned a new word or learned a new activity that she was so eager to share, she never kept her little mind to herself. 

Love, as titled, was my view on little love for so long. She was empathetic and any time I was sad, genuinely sad, she knew and was quick to my aid. She once lifted my head, looked me in the eye, then gave me a big, little hug. She loved like no other. This little love of mine has been by far the most I have felt from another soul, she filled my cup without fail. 

Patience, I learned more about patience than I thought was necessary, but a 2-year-old doesn't know the limits one can have, so knowing boundaries is not a thing! Her every changing emotions, meant a baby that can be so happy oftentimes can be just as opposite, and get to be so sad and frustrated. She felt safe, as did I, and let it all out. I know it will be so different when I have a little one of my own, but I am very grateful to have gotten a little glimpse into just how much patience I might need to have.

Innocence, being with a new mind into the world for so long, meant for a lot of questions, and a lot of discovery. I re-thought how I explained everything to help someone so young be able to understand, I had to make things simple and easy to comprehend. A day in the life with a toddler, while wild, is so simple. All one needs, is food, some fun toys, coloring books, a good nap, some outdoor time, and someone to be there. 

She needed me there because she is just a toddler, and can't do most on her own.  But looking back now that my time with her is done, I NEEDED her. I learned to slow down, I learned to love, to be more empathetic, and to be patient. I was reminded of just how simple life needs to be. How much in the world I still at times feel I need, but don't and never will. I need the bare necessities, and more importantly, I need nothing more than Jesus Christ and Righteousness. 

In our first picture together she was holding my bible and at the last lunch we had, she reminded her parents and me to pray. I didn't have much part in this per se, most of the time, we didn't eat together and when I had my Bible out she tore a couple of pages and highlighted over multiple other ones, so it wasn't the time I studied after about a couple of times. But all in all, being there and having babysat week after week, I learned a little more about how to love like Jesus.

I miss her like crazy and am already figuring out when I want to visit her in Florida, but until then, I have our pictures and countless memories. I love this little love like crazy.

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