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Hello Milano High!

Hello Milano High School! My name is Viviana and I am a former student of Mr.Porter (His favorite former student). I graduated from Palo Duro High School in 2021, and have had a crazy life since! This blog is to share those moments for those close to me, potentially strangers in the future but most of all for myself. There are many ups and downs in life, and as big as my head is, I still can't possibly keep all of my experiences and thoughts in. I had originally made this as a way to navigate adulthood and all of the first’s of it, but have since made it about a whole lot more. All of life is divine and I plan to capture some of life here on my blog! We are all just a passing through.

Now I can only imagine the thoughts you all felt when first meeting Mr.Porter, “can my teacher get any more weird?”. He can, and he will, just a heads up. He will not only get a lot more weird, but he will get a lot cooler. Mr.Porter was 100% my favorite teacher of all time. From being 1 in head start to now, he stands out. He will expect the best from you, because he believes in you. He will give you countless opportunities if you'll allow it and show him you deserve it. He will not see you as any better or worse than any of your other classmates. Now he will be nicer to those who are nicer to him, it's a decision you'll want to make. Mr.Porter has opened a door and perspective on life that has been more than amazing. Countless friendships and happiness has come from knowing him. Expect a great year, and great High School experience if you happen to be blessed to be in his class. I feel bad for you Seniors, the year will be great but having had him all 4 years, multiple classes a day, he really is the biggest reason my experience was made perfect.

I love you Mr.Porter, can't wait to see how you touch so many more lifes. Go Milano High!

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